We produce a large variety of Vacuum Suction Cups (Vacuum Pads / Grippers) for vacuum technology. High quality, made in Germany.
With 60 years of experience we offer not only custom vacuum pads, but also our patented high temperature vacuum grippers and a whole lot more.  Please give us a call and challenge us!

Do you need vacuum pads which are completely ready to be mounted? 
We can customize them according to the drill pattern you provide. 


Enables you to lift flat and round Materials - for more flexibility in your production process.

Sonderlösungen Speziallösungen Spezialanfertigung

Custom Solutions

We have created a lot of custom solutions for our customers in the last 60 years – for example the University of Kassel or Stoll Seal Systems just to name a few.

Please challenge us!


Rubber and Metal form a strong and durable connection if vulcanized together.

We produce customized Parts with any of the available rubber compounds vulcanized on metal according to your specifications.

Hochtemperatursauger hohe Temperatur sauger

High Temperatures up to 550° C

Surfaces with temperatures as high as 550° C can be handled/gripped with these patented vacuum pads.
We offer a large variety of these high temperature suction cups. 

Please contact us, so we can assist you in finding the ideal product for your project.

runde sauger standard sauger

Standard / Round Vacuum Cups

We offer a large variety of different round vacuum grippers with and without a vulcanizes metal plate – with sizes up to 600 mm. Metal plates/fittings are available in aluminum, steel, stainless steel and brass. 

Abdruckarme Sauger

Grippers leaving almost Mark

These Grippers are fabric coated, and therefore leave next to no mark on the piece to be lifted. 

Please contact us for more information. We will be happy to help you find the right vacuum pad for your project.

Faltlippensauger Faltenbalg

Bellowed Vacuum Pads

We offer oval and round bellowed vacuum pads in a lot of different sizes, with one or two bellows. The bellows allow for better lifting and gripping pf objects with convex, tilted or uneven surfaces.

The oval bellowed gripper with divided metal plate is especially deigned to lift objects with a cylindrical surface.

Oval Vacuum Grippers

We produce a large variety of oval and long vacuum pads, from tiny to 750 mm long, in all available rubber compounds. Some oval grippers are constructed to lift cylindrical objects: they either have a divided and adjustable metal plate, or have a sealing lip which is specially designed to fit on pipes.

New: Universal Vacuum Pad which lifts flat and round material! Size: 340×50 mm


Rollers and Rubber Items

We offer a wide variety of rollers available in in various rubber compounds of differing shore hardness. 

With our in-house mould and die production we are able to produce all kinds of rubber items according to your specifications.


Trapezoidal Sheet Metal Gripper

This oval vacuum pad was especially designed to handle trapezoidal sheet metal safely and without leaking vacuum.

Do you have questions? Please give us a call!

Grosse Sauger 800 mm
Rechtecksauger P 400 800 NBR

Rectangular Grippers

Rectangular vacuum pads are available from very small up to 400 x 800 mm in size and are available in a variety of rubber compounds. 
Please contact us with your exact specifications.

Ventil Sauger Hebeplatte

Specialized Grippers

In the past 60 years we have engineered many custom solutions and specialized grippers for our customers.  

Just to name a few:

  • Lifting Panels wit valve grippers (see illustration)
  • Triangular Gripper
  • Vacuum pads for lifting Pipes
  • Vacuum pads which keep their diameter stable even during suction
geteilter sauger

Grippers with Divided Metal Plate

Some of our oval standard or bellowed vacuum suction pads have a divided metal plate, so they can adjust to a variety of different pipes and cylindrical objects.

Which Vacuum Gripper is ideal?

Which rubber compound is most suitable?
Challenge us!
give us a call today.


Choosing the right rubber compound for your project is of great importance. Different rubber types have different properties and can be resistant against oil or petrol or ultraviolet rays. In the following you will find an overview of the most common rubber compounds we use. If you need a rubber compound with special properties not listed here, please contact us! 

NBR / Perbunan

NBR Perbunan



  • 55° shore (standard)
  • 30°, 70°, 80° shore (on request)
  • abrasion resistant
  • oil and petrol resistant 

Examples of Use

  • conductors
  • O-rings
  • hydrolic hose
  • radial shaft sealing rings
  • axial sealing rings

Temperature Range

-20° up to +110° C

Density G/cm3


BKb / Bunakautschuk

BKB Bunakautschuk



  • 50° shore
  • hardly oil and petrol resistant

Examples of Use

  • car tyres
  • tubes 
  • cable sheathing

Temperature Range

-30° up to +80° C

Density G/cm3


BKs / Bunakautschuk

BKs / Bunakautschuk schwarz



  • 50° shore
  • hardly oil and petrol resistant

Examples of Use

  • car tyres
  • tubes 
  • cable sheathing

Temperature Range

-30°up to +80° C

Density G/cm3


EPDM / Keltan

EPDM Gummi

Ethylene-Proylene-Rubber (M-Class)


  • 30° or 55° shore
  • good electric isolator
  • not resistant against oil or petrol
  • weather and ozone resistant

Temperature Range

-50° up to +140° C

Density G/cm3


NR / Naturkautschuk


Natural Rubber


  • 43° shore
  • high stability
  • not oil/petrol resistant 

Examples of Use

  • Truck Tyres

Temperature Range

-60° up to +70° C

Density G/cm3


FKM / Viton / Fluorel

FKM Viten Fluorel

Fluorel / Viton


  • 50° shore
  • abrasion resistant
  • temperature resistant 
  • weather and ozone resistant 

Examples of Use

  • aerospace technology
  • automotive industry
  • radial shaft sealing rings
  • O-rings

Temperature Range

-10 bis +190° C

Density G/cm3


SIR / Silikon



  • 50° shore (standard)
  • 12°, 30° shore (on request)
  • good electric isolator
  • water repellant
  • weather and ozone resistant 
Examples of Use
  • O-rings
  • spark plug caps
  • cylinder head gaskets
  • food industry

Temperature Range

-80 up to +180° C

Density G/cm3


PUR / PU / Vulkollan

PU Polyurethan



  • 65° shore
  • high elasticity
  • abrasion resistant

Examples of Use

  • toothed belts
  • sealing gaskets

Temperature Range

-30 up to +100° C

Density G/cm3



In 1958 Johannes Werner startet a machine contruction company for handing in the glass industry. Today after 60 years of experience and innovation we produce a wide range of vacuum grippers, and other rubber parts in Meckenheim, Germany.

Since the beginning of the 1980s the company’s core business was made up almost entirely of  the production of rubber parts and vacuum grippers. Patents and utility patents were soon to follow. 

Today we produce over 400 different rubber parts and vacuum pads from over 300 moulds in our factory in Germany. 

With all the experience and dedication at hand, we are highly specialized to to work out the ideal solution for your project. We love the challenge.

Special requirements and custom solutions are our field of expertise.

CAD / CAM technology in construction and mould making ensures excellent quality, precision and short delivery times. 


In the last 60 years we have developed and produced many new and even patented vacuum grippers together with our customers and business partners in Meckenheim, Germany. 

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Sealing Leakages

Together with Stoll Seal Systems we developed highly innovative and efficient sealing systems for industrial leakages. 

Hi Temp Vaccum Masks

In cooperation with the University of Kassel we developed a brand new system of felt coated vacuum masks for lifting hot items of irregular shape. 

Cameras mounted on driving Cars

Black Tek developed the AirRig-GripKit using our vacuum pads – one of the most versatile systems for securely mounting cameras on cars or other surfaces, for example for the movie industry. By using a variety of grippers, the system adjusts to a multitude of surfaces.  


Heinz Ulrich

Construction & Consulting

Wolfgang Hombitzer

Sales & Consulting

With 60 years of experience we produce and develop vacuum grippers for almost any specifications. Give us a call!


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