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60 Jahre of Experience and Innovation in Vacuum Technology.  Quality made in Germany. Challenge us !


Vacuum pads are commonly used in almost all industrial branches, as they allow for gentle and efficient handling of all kinds of products. Vacuum cups or suction cups are not only used for lifting small objects and objects weighing several tons, but are also used to fix objects in place, or to position objects precisely.


Vacuum pads are used to lift glas, metal sheet, cardboard, foil and paper, to handle all kinds of food items, to handle furnature and wood parts, to handle construction and stone elements, for handling of electronic parts, for painted surfaces and for items lieke glass which needs to be handled at high temperatures.


We will be glad to assist you in chosing the right vacuum pad for your project, please give us some details about the items you are planning to handle: What kind of surface is it? Is it smooth or rough, is it concave? What size and weight is it? Does it need to be handled at high heat? Is the surface oily or acidic or wet?

We will be glad to assist you in finding the right product, or even develop a new product for your project.

Vacuum Pads for (almost) all Requirements

In the past 60 years we have developed a wide range of vacuum pads with our customers. We develop, test and produce our vacuum pads in our factory in Meckenheim.


We offer a wide range of oval vacuum pads for numerous uses. The smalled pads are only a few millimeters whereas the largest is almost 80 cm in length. We have special vacuum pads for lifting cylindrical elements, e.g. pipe – including vacuum pads whith a divided metal plate. For all vacuum pads you can choose from a variety of rubber compounds.

We look forward to answering your questions.

Our patented high temperature vacuum pads are available in many different sizes. These vacuum pads are coated with special felt and are temperature resistant up to 550°C.

Please let us know if you have questions!


Many different round vacuum pads are available in sizes from 10 mm – 600 mm. We offer sleeves which can be mounted on fittings, vacuum pads with a stable diameter, for rough surfaces and many more.

Please challenge us!

Bellowed vacuum pads are available with one or two bellows, in a variety of rubber compounds, an in sizes up to 350 mm.

Rollers and Rubber Items

We already offer a variety of rollers and rubber items for different uses. Do you need rollers or rubber items for a specific application? We have many years of experience in developing the best possible product with you.

Our Catalogue provides a rough idea of the items we already produce. If what you need is not listed , please do ask us! Since we are continuously developing new products, our ctalogue is never completely up to date.

Drill Patterns & Custom Fittings

Do you require a special fitting for the vacuum pads you are looking for? Or do you wish to order the vacuum pad ready for use?

We can deliver the vacuum pads with precise drill patterns, as specified. We also offer additional fittings if needed. Please call us, if you have questions!

Rubber Types

All rubber compounds are silicone free, with the exception of silicone.

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If you have question, or would like a quotation, please contact us at +49 (0) 22 25 / 171 03 oder über Ihre Anfrage per E-Mail:

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